Monday, May 31, 2010

Gundar is a sweet little guy just looking for love in all the wrong places. He tried an automated car wash, but the soapy taste she left in his mouth reminded him too much of his childhood when he repeated something his older brother said in front of his mom. He also dated a Canon Mark V, but his oily hair obscured her optics and she is now suing over the cleanup cost.
Oolick is a rambunctious little guy that never shuts up! He is the worst gossip in Hollywood. Racing around on those little wheels of his, he can spread news like a wildfire. The only trouble is that his memory is shot and his attention span is nonexistent. So, he gets all his stories mixed up. How did you think Tabloids get all their crazy stories?
Rod is a retired Microsoft executive that got in on the ground floor. Now he is a world famous fly fishing expert that travels the globe in search of the perfect fishing spot. You can see him on "Fish with Grampy" every Sunday at 4pm on the Geezer channel.
Coop - what can I say about the little guy that hasn't already been splashed on the cover of every tabloid and ran every night for the last two weeks on E News! Did he do it? Sure. Would he do it again? I think so. One thing I know for sure is that the book deal will be worth millions!!!
Dak is a horrible driver and takes care of nothing! Take one look at his car and the will become immediately obvious. However, he is also one of the fastest driver's the Nascar Circuit has ever seen. Watch out for this up-an-coming superstar of the racing world!
Always off balance, Klootz has been arrested for public intoxication more times than he can remember. However, every time they let him off the hook because he always passes the breathalyzer test. A little goof ball, he is the life of the party and always up for a good time.

A robotic garbage disposal, Sigmund can take whatever you throw at him - literally - he doesn't like to be spoon fed. He will only eat if he can run around and try to catch it in his mouth! :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wow, I really need to write more here... I am getting better at the whole facebook thing, but I tend to neglect the blog. I need to find out how to connect the blog to facebook so I can just update one of them...

I am getting ready for Manayunk right now. About 1 month to the show and I have to figure out what I want to build between now and then.

***The timer just let me know that I have 10 minutes left before I have to grade. ***

So, where was I? Oh yeah, Manayunk. Because my bots vary so much I have to make sure I have a variety when I go there. I also have to build new shelves. My dad found some cedar planks for me to build some found object shelves to replace my old display shelves. I am really excited about how they will look (and a little nervous). The goal is to have shelves that better reflect my work. Held together by old hinges, crutches for legs (fully adjustable for uneven ground too), and various other parts, I think they will be very interesting. The cedar is great because it is lightweight too.

***5 minutes left...***

I really need to hit the salvage yard and metal recycler to look for things to hold them together as well. I usually don't collect parts to do that kind of thing, but I am sure there is a lot out there. Anyway, I have to run. Hopefully I can update this more now that school is ending and I will have more time.