Thursday, March 12, 2009

Metro is your man when it comes to the complete home makeover! Jackhammer legs let him make short work on demolition day. Installing the electrical system is a breeze when you have a built in voltmeter. His oil can head ensures that doors will not squeak for a long time.
Metro recently had his arms converted from screw drivers to wrenches to help him in his quest to build the first convertible homes. His latest line of homes are built on rollers and can be modified by simply unbolting rooms to rearrange them. Hungry? Slide the kitchen over so you can just roll out of bed to satisfy that craving for a midnight snack. Kids too noisy? Move their room to the other side of the house.
E.E. is an emotional little guy. When he cries you had better watch out. Since being fitted with sprinkler eyes, he can pump up to 30 gallons of tears a minute when he is really upset.
It has gotten better though. Now you can easily see when he is ready to break down by reading his pressure gauge implant.