Monday, February 9, 2009

The Bot Formerly Known as Chadwick: Found Object Art Assemblage Robot Orphan

This is Formerly Known as Chadwick. Before he lost his head his name was just Chadwick. However, when his head malfunctioned and needed to be replaced by Dr. Koch, he lost his name and his identity. Hopefully, a caring family will adopt him soon and help him on his road to recovery.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Micbot: Found Object Art Assemblage Robot Orphan

Once nominated for an Oscar for his behind the scenes movie work, Micbot is well known in the industry for his ability to get those sounds no one else is crazy enough to attempt. He once crawled down the belly of a croc with his buddy Cambot to provide the ultimate insider experience for television viewers at home.

Dr. Koch: Found Object Art Assemblage Robot Orphan

Dr. Koch is the go to guy in the world of bot cosmetic surgery. Got a little rust? Dr. Koch will clear it up. Break a bolt? Dr. Koch will replace it with a new stainless prosthetic. Want to accessorize? Dr. Koch has a whole line of add on goodies the bots go crazy for! If he can do this for bots, just imagine what he could do with that disposal that keeps acting up.

Boo: Found Object Art Assemblage Robot Orphan

A seemingly innocent little pup, don't let Boo's size fool you. Boo is a rambunctious runt that makes Marley look like a well trained lap dog. She eats anything and everything in her path, but luckily she has one redeeming quality - Boo is house trained. Are you up to the challenge?